HALLOWEEN Left-over Candy

What To Do With All This EXTRA Candy?


One of the wonderful things about fall is that it is officially the start of Baking Season at my house. Yippeeee! Yes, it is time to put the outdoor grill away and turn the indoor oven on, so let the baking begin.

We can start by making use of all that extra Halloween candy. Sometimes we get so much candy we don’t know what to do with it so it is a great idea is to just incorporate the extras into our already delicious recipes!

Why not bring a smile to someone’s face by baking a batch of cookies to share with others? Remember too, that many of these recipes store or freeze well and will get us ahead of the Holiday baking that lies ahead.

Consider Other Candy Uses as your imagination leads you:
Top on Cupcakes
Create an Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Decorate Gingerbread Houses
Use in Edible Centerpieces
Create Santa Scenes
Add to sweet potato or other dishes
Crush and Use the Crumbs

Note: Anything soft candy will bake well. All others such as whoppers, butterfingers etc., should be crushed and then used to sprinkle on already baked cookies.

Chocolate Chip & Candy Cookies



Chocolate Chip Cookies

Create cookie dough following my original & easy recipe.

Click here http://soulfashionista.com/2015/11/mama-gs-chocolate-chip-cookies-2/

Recipe Variations:
Use 2 cups of chocolate chips Instead of 4 cups
1. Chop candy and MIX IN with chocolate chips. Note: This option will change (or enhance) the taste of the cookie.

2. Press candy in the center BEFORE baking. This works fine but is not as pretty.

3. Press candy immediately after removing from oven. Be careful not to smash the
cookie. I usually use 2 pieces and avoid the center. See pic below.

YIPEEEEE! (Sugar induced excitement here!)