When Things Around You Fall

Growing up in South Africa, my friend Ruan told us a story about how he and a friend encountered a lion face to face. Yes, you heard right, face to face! Knowing the lion could attack in a split second with the slightest movement, they were faced with two choices, run for your life, and assuredly get caught or just stand.


When faced with situations like this, the lion can attack you before you are able to even think of what to do. They creep up on you and appear suddenly, when you least expect it! My friend chose the latter. He stood there frozen but the key here is that he “stood”. The lion, which could have devoured them, turned and walked away. The story ends there.


Sometimes in life we are faced with similar situations. Things come upon us so unexpectedly that we stand there and wonder, “Is this really happening?” We immediately must consider our choices. Are we going to break down and run away knowing we are no match for the lion? Or are we going to stand, like Ruan did?


Here is a powerful thought about standing. When we choose to stand, standing is not doing “nothing”. We are actually relying on God and believing as we stand on His Word. We are actually trusting in Him to fight the battle for us. Some would say, “Oh but Trish, that does not make sense. In a real battle if we stand, we will be trampled”. Yes, in the natural, that is often the case. However, we are called to stand supernaturally. As we trust God and release the battle to Him, then God will fight our battle and see us through it.


Here’s what the Bible says you should do…

Ephesians 6:13-14 …So when you have done everything to stand firm, STAND FIRM


Fly like an Eagle or Run like a Chicken


Isaiah 40:31 says that as we wait we will mount up with wings like eagles. The chicken will run around screaming hysterically during a storm looking for shelter and trying to figure out what to do. They, of course, incite pandemonium. This causes the other chickens to do the same thing.


An eagle on the other hand will mount (shoot up, exalt, ascend) cutting through the storm by using the very wind that is causing the storm to propel him to rise above the storm. He soars above the storm, glides, waits and rests until it’s over. The exact same wind that causes the storm is the wind he uses to propel him and glide restfully through it.


The Wedding Cake


This past weekend I had the honor of baking a wedding cake for very special couple. The last wedding cake I baked was 34 years ago. And yes, you guessed correctly, it was my own wedding cake.

Although a bit apprehensive, I knew I could do it. I had a few concerns here and there because wedding cakes are stacked differently. I followed every precaution, asked questions and did my research to make sure I was doing everything I could to ensure success.

The day came when I was to bake the cake. My husband prayed over me and we agreed that God would be beside me and help me. I also had my family and my friend Clare, covering me with prayer and checking up on me. Throughout the entire process. I had a peace that transcended my understanding. Philippians 4:7

I had many unexpected challenges but I knew that I knew I would be successful.

It took approximately 15 hours, more than I expected to finish it, but it was done.

Here is a pic before we placed it in the box.




My husband made a box that was perfect for transporting and protecting the cake. We drove carefully and took the safest and least bumpy route. Upon arrival, we decided to check on it as a precaution, all the while assuming it made it to our destination in perfect condition. To my surprise, the cake had completely collapsed! I could not think of any logical explanation or reason for the pathetic condition of this once beautiful cake. To this day, I cannot imagine why it collapsed!



The Moment of Truth

At that moment, I had a choice. Would I cry and get tense or would l just “stand”? After my loud gasp, I stood with an unexplainable peace. With a quick inspection, spatula in hand, I decided I could salvage only the 8 inch layer. To my dismay, the 10 and 12 inch layers were beyond repair.

In my calmness, I remembered I had a 6 inch cake at home (extra batter). I got in my car and on the ride back my husband was so upset, for me. Yet I remained calm. I said, “I prayed and I know it would work out”. In that instant, I heard God’s voice say, “I will get you out of it.” If I had not remained calm, I know I would not have been able to hear His voice.

On the 30 minute drive home I devised a plan. As soon as we arrived, I made a different icing and decorated the cake in about 10 minutes. I drove back and with one try, stacked the 6 inch layer upon the salvaged 8 inch layer and we were able to have an acceptable cake. Since the back side of the 8 inch had a dent, there was no explanation as to why it stood and held up the top layer.



In the end, it was not the “wow” cake I wanted for this deserving couple, but it served its purpose. It was beautiful, everyone got plenty of cake and I learned a big lesson.


When all began to fall around me, I stood. I stood and trusted God. Everyone was feeling sorry for me but I stood and said, “I will choose to trust in You, Lord”. He came through for me.


Remember, when life hits you with unexpected and undeserved storms falling around you, especially the ones that seem to come out of nowhere without any logical or reasonable explanation, just stand firm. And when you have done everything to stand, stand firm. The Lord will propel you like the eagle. You will learn that the storm that was intended to destroy, is the storm that will propel, guide and glide you through to success in every situation. You will find rest in the midst of the storm. You will serve your purpose and the memory will be sweet and beautiful.