I am a Wife, Mom, Pastor & Soul Fashionista….

Helping Everyday People Live a Supernatural Life

Fashion Your Soul, Fashion Your Destiny! 

Letting His Light Shine So Others Can Find Their Way In This Dark World.

Experience: Over 30 years experience as a speaker/trainer in both the secular and Christian arenas.  Beginning my career as a Make-up Artist, Skin Care Specialist and Platform Artist, my focus was in training and equipping women to become better on the outside.

After becoming a mother of three and gaining life experience, I have realized that true beauty emerges from within.  It’s only when you discover who you are in Christ that true beauty comes through.

My desire is to help people recognize and discover their calling and equip them to walk in their divine destiny.  I believe we all have a great part in the this world. We all have a purpose that God created just for us.  I want to help you discover it! I love people, faults and all!

I share practical tips on living everyday life. I love to cook, clean, bake and create a beautiful environment for my family.

Random Things About Me: 

1. I grew up in Southern California & I could see the border from my house

2. I was a kids Pastor for 12 years & I don’t believe there are any bad kids, just bad parenting #gokids!

3. I give one month of my summer to work Kids Camp.

4.  I love to bake. I sell my cookies for $15.00 a dozen (And people buy them) I mostly give them away because I don’t eat them

5.  I have three kids. One is an actor (She’s also an RN), one is an artist and one is a musician.IMG_1327

6. I home schooled my kids for 8 years, private school for 3 years and then public school

7. I can drive just about anything, including my husband nuts

8. My husband is a Philadelphia Sportscaster but I seldom watch him on TV

9.  I’m a preacher and my husband seldom hears me preach. That makes it even, right?

10. My daughter works at a mental hospital (sometimes I think she could be a patient) Totally joking!!!

11. My husband and my kids are really funny and they desperately want me to be funny too. I’m trying!!!

12. Everyone in my family can sing or at least we think we can.

13. I love the ocean, the annoying sand, the salt on my lips, the fishy smell, EVERYTHING!

14. I wish I could change the foster care system

15. My husband gave me a choice between and Audi or Lexus SUV & a mini-van. I chose a van even though my kids are in their 20’s. Never know when I need to borrow kids 🙂

16. I don’t have grandchildren so I randomly borrow other people’s grandkids

17. I host sit-down dinners for up to 60 people and do most of the cooking myself…yea I’m slightly crazy

18. I used to be supermom but I have retired my cape! I got tired of all that flying!

19. I secretly told each of my kids that they were my favorite. They were upset when they found out

20. I was Student Body President & Head Cheerleader (and no I can’t fit in my uniform anymore)

21. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, a dad and a powerful praying mom

22. I’m third generation excellent cook. I don’t like to feed my family processed food. I don’t usually use recipes

23. My husband is African American and I am Mexican American. My kids are Blaxicans

24. I speak English, Spanish and I used to be a sign language interpreter but I forgot most of it

25. I have lived in 5 different cities and 4 different states.

26. I was a vegetarian for 2 years. I quit when I got pregnant.  I broke it with a hotdog. I know, yuk!

27. I never wear a coat in the winter unless there is a cold index warning….yeah, I’m that hot, ha!

28. I make my food pretty and I don’t use paper plates

29. Everyday I wake up and ask the Lord who I should bless or minister to

30. I want to open up orphanages one day

31. My husband is my biggest cheerleader. I can do no wrong so I have to ask others for an honest opinion 🙂IMG_0517

32. I love people and have a passion to see them set free